From the day I was born, my life has revolved around dogs.(No, really! My dad stood outside the hospital with my childhood Rottweiler awaiting for my discharge!) I had a wonderful advantage with animals, having parents who ethically bred in the AKC and a grandmother involved in animal rescue, whom helped me get started as young as I could - caring for animals and assisting behaviorists with socializing dogs in preparation for new homes. As a teenager, I began shadowing reputable trainers while volunteering at dog care facilities, and soon advanced to a full time training position at a boarding facility in Southern California, giving me the experience and knowledge to proudly pursue this path! I am still actively involved in rescue, training foster dogs in preparation for their forever homes, as well as expanding my knowledge in dog sports and other avenues with the help of Liz Snider and Taylor Made Working Dogs. To this day I have trained multiple service dogs for individuals with disabilities, dogs featured in television episodes and concert performances, and have solved problem behaviors in dangerous dogs to give them a second chance at life. Dogs are my passion, and I strive to ensure every dog is capable of reaching their full potential with balanced training. 

As a disabled queer individual, I openly stand with black lives, equal rights, believe love is love, and do not tolerate nor welcome negativity/judgement towards any race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, or disability. You are just as important to me as your dog!

*AKC CGC & ATT Evaluator*




My name is Shauna Marukelli and I have been training dogs since 2018. My journey to balanced training began when I got my first dog, Jasper. He was a huge learning experience for me and really got me involved in becoming a balanced trainer to better help more dogs like him in need of structure, guidance and support. I have apprenticed under and spoken to trainers as well as educated myself greatly over the years. I continue to grow as a trainer and would love to train many more dogs with the helps of my personal demo dogs Amber and Beemo to set a great example in the potential of my work.