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I have always had a love for animals of all sorts, learning their place and purpose in nature and how to coexist. That love found itself actualized when I got my own dog, Ghost, a large lab/bull breed mix that had great foundations set but also a few reactivity issues. Using the internet to learn positive methods and my own intuition I was able to maintain his basic commands and manage his reactivity. At 20 I met Ashrae, who showed me the technical and theoretical processes of training dogs, training the dog in front of me as an individual and finding motivation. Since then I have used balanced methods to train psychiatric service dogs for myself and others, fostering and training to set rescue dogs up for success, and setting foundations for competition level dogs. I then expanded my knowledge apprenticing under Kris Taylor and Liz Snider at Taylormade Working Dogs, who taught me about training high drive, high energy breeds for bite sport, behavior modification and management for aggressive dogs, and developing my technique and approach of dog training. During that time I also had the pleasure of learning under David Pletka, owner of K9Clarity, who taught me how to instruct owners in relatable and realistic exercises to maintain and build the training their dogs have received along with building a dog's confidence and ability to make correct choices. My area of focus is behavior modification and management, competition level obedience, bite development, and building confident dogs with strong bonds to their owners.

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From the day I was born, my life has revolved around dogs.(No, really! My dad stood outside the hospital with my childhood Rottweiler when we got released!) I had a wonderful advantage with animals; having parents who ethically bred in the AKC, and a grandmother involved in animal rescue, whom helped me get started as young as I could - caring for animals and assisting behaviorists with socializing dogs in preparation for new homes. As a teenager, I began shadowing reputable trainers while volunteering at dog care facilities, and soon advanced to a full time training position at a boarding facility in Southern California, where I obtained the experience and knowledge in canine behavior to proudly pursue this path! I am still actively involved in rescue, training foster dogs in preparation for their forever homes, as well as expanding my knowledge in dog sports and other avenues with the help of Liz Snider and Taylor Made Working Dogs. To this day I have trained over a dozen service dogs for individuals with disabilities, have had dogs featured in television episodes, concert performances, and music videos, as well as solved problem behaviors in dangerous dogs to give them a second chance at life. Dogs are my passion, and I strive to ensure every dog is capable of reaching their full potential.

In my free time, I enjoy showing my pack of Belgian Tervuren, participating in competitive dog sports, and spending quality time with my husband and two children! I’m an AKC CGC & ATT Evaluator, a registered trainer with the APDT, club member of the ABTC & BTCSC, and am accredited in all canine college courses/exams. 

Meet The Trainers: About Me



I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by different species of animals. My mother is a marine biologist and her passion for animals rubbed off on me. From a young age, I took extreme interest in understanding animal psychology and how to communicate with our fluffy, feathered, and scaled family members. As a teenager, I offered dog walking and house sitting services. Several of the dogs I worked with at that time had behavioral issues or high drive so I began to dig deep into dog training and the science of behavior modification. I studied a number of balanced trainers and learned some methods I found useful, and some that I did not. When I became a service dog handler in college, I started educating myself on the cross-over to force free training. Most of the information had scientific backing and was far more effective and kind but I found some ideas too rigid. The LIMA based training really stuck with me – the process of starting by opening a line of communication with your dog, then make the expectations clear by teaching the desired behavior step by step, then to generalize the behavior around different distractions and environments before ever considering any type of negative reinforcement. But I strongly believe in the concept of “training the dog in front of you” so if a certain tool or training method would benefit your dog then let’s talk about it! Understanding a dog’s motivation, fostering cooperation, addressing their feelings and respecting their fear, and positively and humanely using appropriate tools for effective communication are essential to me in dog training. To that end, I utilize multiple training styles and different teaching methods to instruct any given behavior to cater to each client and dog’s personal style. I have been studying since 2016 and taking dog training clients since 2019. In that time I’ve worked with many behavioral modification and reactivity cases. My specialty is puppy raising and how to structure the early years to raise a happy, properly socialized, and well mannered family member or working dog. As a disabled person handling my personal service dog since 2017, I can advise on developing handler skills and advocating for ADA rights. I have extensive knowledge in public access and task training for various needs and disabilities. In my free time I write fantasy novels and am working towards a degree in English, and like going on adventures with my service dog, Ulla.

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Meet The Trainers: About Me
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